Our library collection comprises wide range of books that relevant to UCMI program. We also provide e-book collection in our virtual library. The collections are classified according to the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and Library of Congress (LoC) classification system.

Open Collection

This is a large collection with wide subject coverage especially in medical, nursing, pharmacy, allied health sciences and management. The collection also consists of general books.

Red spot Collection

This is controlled access collection with limited borrowing period and recommended by lecturers.

Green spot Collection

A collection of teaching materials specially prepared for lecturers and clinical instructors. This collection has limited borrowing period.

Reference Collection

This is non circulating materials that can only be used at the library. The collection consists of dictionaries, encyclopedias, drug references, atlases and annual reports.

E-book Collection

This collection contains ebooks subscribed by the library. Our registered user can access e-book in virtual library.

Final Year Project Collection

Comprises final year project produced by students from Nursing and Health Sciences program. The collection are kept under controlled access. These collection is for reference in library only.

Newspapers Collection

We subscribe printed and online newspapers such as Berita Harian, News Straits Times, and Harian Metro.